Monday, April 14, 2014

On a tragedy

and to Him we shall return.

A van transporting kids ended up in waters when the driver went out to send some of the kids to their daycare. She forgot to engage the handbrake and the van slide into a water sanitation pool. Two men managed to save 5 of the children but it was too late for a 4 year old boy.

Such a good boy he must be.

So I share this poem which has that feel of wondering comfort. Of two sharing a common love would speak to each other: "don't you think he is in heaven? Maybe walking that garden, having that feast and talking to the best of people. I wonder if they got milk there?"

That in Paradise

Surely, in paradise, is a river of milk For Ali, and Hussain, and Hassan
Whosoever loves them 

Whosoever goes forth upon their path 
Enters paradise without experiencing any sadness 
Love of the People of the Prophetic Household is incumbent upon us 
And because of this love, we do not fear tribulations.


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