Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mulut Masin

Mulut Masin is a proverb to describe someone who have knack of saying something that eventually come true. Usually it's related to foretelling negative stuffs (thus a muttering will get you a frown and a soft slap on the shoulders from hopefully a pretty lass overhearing it).

My usual thought on mulut masin, and I think this is a more common approach of explaining it in our community, is that what comes out of our mouth are prayers. Not that God needs you to say it out loud to know what goes in that mind of ours, but saying it out loud gives things a more solid contract to the world. It's like saying I agree and writting down 'I agree' gives off a different sense and feel.

So in order to avoid bad stuffs, say good or keep that trap shut.

In the meantime, let's take another perspective on  mulut masin. What if it is you saying what your intuition is telling you. So someone who has mulut masin would be someone who is intuitive. He just got some sense into what is going to happen and the mouth just flaps it out.

So in one way, we can look at it as mulut masin as being a reason for something to happen and the second perspective says it's just saying something based on what is set to happen.

Or both is true, I don't know.

For me, when a mulut masin moment happens, there's a feeling that bubbles up and you'd expect something rather specific to happen and you mutter it out. So it is different from some offhand remark you just kinda thought of. There's some sort of sureness that something could happen.

So what about you guys? Do you remember how it felt when you muttered something and it did happen?


  1. On another note- why 'mulut masin' eh? bukan mulut payau or mulut manis (well...mulut manis dah jadi makna lain dah...) Perhaps sebab org tua 'dah makan garam' dulu, so based on their experience, tu yg 'mulut masin' tu... heheheh....

    1. i did wonder why mulut masin and i just thought whoever came out with it is french.

    2. i did wonder why mulut masin and i just thought whoever came out with it is french.

  2. This is something new that I learnt - so it's called mulut masin eh?...

    Yes, I do remember...if it's good I went "Oh wow..." and if it's bad, I am pretty sure I went "Oh S**t'!!


  3. dah makan banyak garam, masin la jadinya...


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