Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Substance Abuse

One of the first few things I found out meditating is new sensations. One of the breathing method results in some asphyxiation sensation. Your skin feels like having a blanket of something covering it, your eyes closed yet you see the darkness spinning and sometimes, when I am lucky, I can see something of a misty light in that darkness.

I'd sweat heavily when I practice that one.

The thing about it is that it was oddly fun, something new.

So one days I was talking to my friend about getting my son's unused and expensive ADHD pills and trying it. Inspired by college kids I read who's using pills to work late nights and last minute exam preps. I wanted to feel how intense focus feels like.

He then mentioned how his old boss smokes weed to help him get that edge he wanted. Gets him all energetic and what not, he said. That's something I didn't know about weed. I remembered my ex-boss talking about it with one of the more laid back managers about his youth. How it's medicinal and the only high you get is close to like smoking cigarettes for the first time and on an empty stomach.

I know that couldn't be right. My college friends were laughing idiots every time they got high and as they told me, even time moves funny after a session. Then again, it was probably because there was something extra in that roll they had.

"Mak bapak aku naga"  - someone stoned


Maybe I can just meditate myself to a high. *shrugs*


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