Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beautiful Eyes (repost, edited a little)

I had to look into google analytics and got distracted looking back at old posts. Found this particular piece and frowned remembering who she was. Umaira, I think. Died in the hands of her mother's girlfriend.

I am not sure. Alfatihah to such a young departed soul.

This also reminded me of another. For Sharlinie the still missing child, she would've been taking UPSR this year if I am not mistaken. I hope you are in a better place, here or the other.

And thanks to facebook and the mobile phones, more pictures and videos of children and babies suffering. We could only watch and hope for the best. I have decided long ago to not watch those videos. The screams echoes and the image sticks. I cant unsee.

You could see it on TV, they censored her eyes in the Harian Metro, but on the news it wasn't.

Bruises were everywhere. But she had such pretty eyes.

It would've lighten up your worst day, I imagine, if she had smiled at you with those eyes. But they're closed now. Those long eyelashes wouldn't accentuate the lively face. Not for anyone on earth. Not for her grandfather who had given her smiles and laughters for the last few moments of her life. Not for anyone here.

For the grandfather, I thank you for such kindness you have shown to someone who ends up suffering so. Because I did not feel too frustrated. I believe she had been happy during two short months under your care. That gave me some sense of relief and happiness, that for her three years of life, it is not entirely without human love and care. Someone did smile when she came to this world. It meant a lot that someone did care.

According to the book Sufism and Taoism, by Toshihiko Izutsu (California 1983):
  "... Ibn Arabi remarks that 'the mystery of qadar is one of the highest knowledges, which God grants only to (a small number of) men who are privileged with a perfect mystical intuition". If a man happens to obtain the true knowldege of qadar, the knowledge surely brings him a perfect peace of mind and an intolerable pain at the same time.

    The unusual peace of mind arises from the consciousness that everything in the world occurs as it has been determined from eternity. ... Instead of struggling in vain for obtaining what is not in his capacity, he will be happy ...
    He must be tormented, on the other hand, by an intense pain at the sight of all the so-called 'injustices', 'evils', and 'sufferings' that reign rampant around him, being keenly conscious that it is not in his 'preparedness' to remove them from the world. ...".

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  1. Qada' dan qadar. Ketentuan dan pilihan. Suratan dan kebetulan. Izin dan redha.

    I can get crazy learning those.


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