Monday, October 5, 2015

Not So New Workplace

I quit my job at an education institute to join another exciting job at another education institute. Pay's the same but the work is usually given to someone less experienced. I get the same pay for absolutely less work and not that bad a traffic as compared to your imagination travelling to Bukit Tunku from Cyberjaya every morning.

In a way it is a dangerous career move. A healthy path would mean taking in more challenges. When I got the offer, I considered what I could do with more time in my pocket.

Freelance. Learn. Life.

That's good enough reasons for me. So goodbye hectic unhealthy life to a healthier working place in shah alam.

.... and then jerebu. :|

So this new place is pretty cool. A very small team, managing a very small number of students. We have 15 full time masters students and an unknown number of part time coming over the weekends. I was surprised at the small numbers but it turned out to be rather normal. Usually the number is around 30 per batch and they call that as 'merry'. The marketing dude's KPI is to get back to 30 students.

I'm back to having a omputih as a boss and he similar to my last omputih boss that I often accidentally call him Haji. The team is fun. Small and solid I would describe them.

The first day I arrived, they accidentally gave me a rather faulty chair. Had a wobbly right hand-rest (or whatever u calls thems) and so I took it off and put it under the table. Didn't tell anybody. The next day I came in the cleaner greeted me and with a 'Oh by the way, we fixed that chair of yours'. Now that's fanatical facilities support yo!

Am I happy here? Scary so.

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