Monday, December 28, 2015

The Field Of Jumping

Honestly I cant remember if I have written about this before.

There was a time I agreed to assist a friend with a side project. He was swamped with other projects and wanted help with one. Told me follow him to a meeting and he'll pay rm2k for it.

Of course I bloody agreed.

On the first meeting I was late for an hour. Stupidly took the recommendation of a guard to park at the back and it ended up being full. Not only was it full, it was one of those one exit and was so full people parked at the side and causing the road to choke on it's own stupidity.

He didn't give me 2k for that meeting yet.

On the second meeting, now this one is the interesting one really, I was on time and we both arrived at the meeting all smiles. Technically it wasn't a meeting it was more of showing changes made based on the previous i-was-late-meeting.

We arrived all smiles then he went out again when the programmer who did the changes decided to 'i want my pay now or you wont get the code' stunt. So my friend left the meeting room to negotiate with the darn programmer and I was in the meeting room clueless with a change list to go through with the clients. Still smiling I went through the system. Actually the client knew more of the system then I did so he actually guided through the system and see if the changes were there. I clicked where he said to click and thats pretty much it. Embarassing, I knowwww.

This was from 9am till noon. Then my friend called and he said he's in the clinic. He didn't feel too good after 'negotiation' failed and went to the closest clinic. He was 30 then and he was getting a heart attack at the clinic. Passed out while waiting for the Dr and when he came through, texted me to tell me I have to go through the meeting alone.

So I was left with the meanest director and her henchmen with my charisma and poker face skills put to the test. Hands clicking wherever they point  and writting whatever was supposed to be there but wasnt.

I survived.

He did too.

and no... didn't get a penny from all this misadventure.

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