Sunday, January 3, 2016

Good laugh for some reason

There was a time when Prophet Solomon (a.s) was in a gathering and during those times angels appeared before men as common as we see any other creature on earth.

This story starts when a man arrived to this gathering. As he walked to find a seat he noticed the angel of death kept staring at him. He was of course more than discomforted under the gaze of the feared angel. That soon escalated to fear and the man found himself approaching Prophet Solomon (a.s).

"My king, the gaze of the angel of death is upon me and it terrifies me!" he whispered to Prophet Solomon's ears. "Can you ask the wind to take me away to the other side of the world? To the land of India maybe so that I can escape his gaze?".

The Prophet then ordered the wind to send the guy to India and he then went to the angel of death.

"Your gaze has terrified the man." the Prophet said to the angel.

The angel answered, "I was curious. I have a decree from Allah to take his life in India in a bit and I was wondering what he was doing here."

// I don't know about you guys... I had such a good laugh. Stress drive keta kot.


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    1. first time i heard it, it was more of a 'you cant run from death' lesson.

      this time it was more of 'damn. was running from that dude and we ended up seeing each other anyways'


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