Thursday, April 28, 2016

Moving on

I quit my job.

Boss counter offer included: a) Let me work remotely or, b) 1k increase.

I let him down for a 5 months contract job with rm500 more to my current salary and closer to home.

Numbers tell me that this isn't exactly the smartest decision but what the hey, right?

Boss accepted the resignation and then had me help me get my replacement. He gave me his jobstrt account and let me search for the right candidates. I couldn't wait to get started. First thing I did was not searching for the right candidates.

I was looking at jobstrt as someone looking for candidates. Seeing what they see for the first time. Skills are important. Expected salary is important. First 2 job experience is important. Last education is important. Could even see when was the last time job seekers logged in. Nice.

I then looked at what people earning 10k per month write in their resume. Best employee of the month. Best team of the month and all. Wow. So that's what you need to get that much huh. Something to aim for, that.

Honestly it is hard to get a suitable candidate. He wants someone with experience, having someone an already high salary and close by. N Then he wants the guy to do a job someone with 2 years experience can do. In other words: get a smart architect and get him to draw shapes everyday.

I was okay with that because it wasn't suppose to drain me so I can do side projects at night. Other factors drained me and I just said no in the end. Plus a job closer to home.

Good luck whoever you are that'll take my place.


  1. Stuff I have been thinking about lately.

    Sir Pok Deng

    1. at 38, i am just realizing what it means to plan my career. bonkers betul.


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