Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Seeing Blind

I was having breakfast with two of the client's staff. We were talking about Blindsight. I then related mentioned one meditation training I found to differentiate the feel of stuffs. How copper would feel when your hands are over them and in deeper meditative focus.

So Shaqfu told us that it reminded him of a blind masseur he knew when he was a kid. The masseur did not walk with a walking stick. He kinda could sense things around him. The masseur told the young Shaqfu, everything gives off an aura and that's the thing he feels.

Anyway, one day young Shaqfu hid behind an old car when the Masseur was walking that way. Being playful he thought giving a surprise to the old blind man is a fun idea. The Masseur was close to where Shaqfu's ambush point and then he stopped. "Oh who's there? Is that you young Shaqfu?"

Wow, right?

I turned to Shaqfu. "That's pretty cool. Now tell me why do you need to hide behind a car to surprise a blind man?"


  1. hahaha...what was shaqfu's reply?

  2. I'm sure you are struggling to get your subconscious walking on astral plane. I wish I have that ability so that I can bring you to a flower field I always fly over it in my several lucid dreams.


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