Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Brain leak

Warning: this post is almost totally pointless and maybe bizarre.

While I write this, the client's staff who was so lively 20 minutes ago talking about Nora Danish giving birth is now snoring loudly. I tell myself I should be thankful because it's been awhile since any gal snored in my presence. This is part of those things that adds to the overall quality of a good healthy home.

Yourself snoring doesn't add to that, it has to be a partner.

A surprise is that there was a time a lady boss farted and I unfortunately heard it. I bet she didn't think anyone can hear it being in the lady's surau surrounded by 4 solid walls. The ventilation here betrayed her, it carries muffled sounds from meeting rooms around the floor. The surprise for me is how loud the fart was and how in the world can a petite lady produce it.

I was praying maghrib at that time, separated by a wall from her, curious if anything else came out besides wind.

Did you know those smart people announced the artics has melted past the point of recovery? I used to imagine that we'd only have sea level to worry about but it seems earth's CO2 content is about to go wayyyyyy up as well and causing all sorts of problems. Catastrophe <-- trending globally.

Nora Danish had two fibroid when she was pregnant. TWO!

I'm currently reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. 'Currently' is maybe not the right word to use because the bookmark hasn't moved since 2 weeks ago. Mentioning this because it humorously mentions that event is a coward, when it comes, it never comes alone but with friends. Meaning when it rain, it pours! Your life was slow, nice and all quiet and then poof! you're suddenly wondering if you've somehow end up in the twilight zone.

My kids are growing, and me less and less a part of their life.

I saw this korean series on netflix and the protagonist got the most severe punishment where they erased him from existence entirely. The result of him wiped out was that history changed and his love ended up with a truly happy and fulfilling life, think 'the butterfly effect'. Except they spoiled the ending by having him greet her soul when she died. Despite the ending, I felt if given the option, I'd choose my thread of existence burnt from the weave of existence too.

Takde la risau lepas mati pegi mana.

A self reflection on how I was when younger (school days) made me realize I was probably categorized as a psycho in most of my schoolmate's mind. A classmate during primary school described me as tantrum, drama and immature. Oi... primary school lah! Of course la I tantrum, drama and immature.

Masalahnya dah tua ni sama je. (insert emoticon nangis2 kat sini).

My colleague just returned came back from mengular. Yesterday he seemed to be playing games on the phone the whole day. Well, at least everytime I passed on the way to the pantry. Can't _really_ blame the guy for being like that. He's not getting any new task. Reason being when we ask him to fix a thing, it gets fixed. And then everything else breaks. So even when it's his stuff, I or my other colleague end up fixing it. Gaji dia? 8k sebulan.

Waaaadefak la, bro. Gaji tinggi tapi nyusahkan orang.

There's this small whatsapp group for friends in unitar. It's basically someone you know from a class and just got well together. I was doing partimes in Unitar and at that time we go to one class, a set of faces. Go to another class, another set of faces. Some we end up staying in contact. Oh, one of them said in whatsapp let's go out for a drink. In April. At a hall in N9. This was in February and I pointed out usually people asked to go for a drink today, tomorrow or next week. Not 2 months plan. Giler complicated ajak minum kedai mamak.

Rupanya kawin 2. tu pun malu2.

-- end of pointless blog post. Prolly will be deleted soon because I am probably high on something I had at lunch --

p/s: i'm okay, thanks for asking.

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