Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Long Search

I wrote a fiction long ago and I lost it. I want to tell the story but not as keen to write it properly anymore. I was thinking about it for a sci/fi competition. So let's just talk about it a bit.

The setting is not too far in the future, tech has introduced many wonderful things in life and with it came horrible tech too. Countries stopped waging physical war in many places because the world simply did not put much value in state boundaries anymore. Ideals and religion, however, still have their armies dying here and there.

As technology enabled better understanding of our world, so too it exposes the human body's secret. Layer by layer, parts by parts. Some cures, some harm. Some resulted in the blurred borders of harm and cure.

That is the world. Our story however is on one 56 year old father who have not stayed in one place for more than a month. He travels city to city searching for a missing daughter. Assisted with a group of vigilantes and persons in similar situation.

The video feed of his daughter's kidnapping revealed the kidnappers to be the work of the Red 49 Extraction Syndicate. Famous for only one thing and even in their line of work, they're the worst. Other extraction group maintain some semblance of humanity. They do not.

Extraction syndicates harvest human organs but instead of expensive and complicated bio-machines, they use humans. With the right combination of chemicals, synthetic hormones, nerve rewiring and minimal life support, human can regrow organs. The process however causes full paralysis. Totally aware but not being able to move.

Red 49 keeps costs down by not keeping victims with pain killers, extracting not only organs but also liquid produced by organs. Constantly.

So this is not a rescue mission. It is to mercy kill.

Okay panjang plak. So let's just skip to the ending since this is obviously a liam neelson movie thingy.

The father and friends, after finding and shutting down several human farms, finally finds the one with his daughter in. He couldn't kill her in the end. The dilemma of a father strikes. Despite what he knows, that there is nothing else to do besides a merciful death to a painful life, he couldn't help but hold on to a parent's hope that a miracle can happen. That letting her live and she'll come back as it was. So a fellow vigilante help him do what he could not.

The End

So why such a dark setting? A reminder that technology brings both good and bad. We do not have the patience to wait to fix a problem introduced by a new tech. When cars came out, we couldn't wait for a cleaner energy. When chemical made our clothes colorful, we didn't care about the rivers it corrupted. When the promise of prolonging one's life, the fictional them could not wait to harvest fellow humans for their own greed.

and besides. Happy endings dah banyak kat malaysia. tengok saja iklan2 kat dalam toilet.

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  1. It's Liam Neeson, but since this is a fiction, Neelson would do just fine.


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