Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When It Pours

He had noticed that events were cowards: they didn't occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once.
― Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

The Buddhist tells us of Dukha Sukha. Basically suka-duka la for my thick skull friends. Sukha would be when things go smoothly for us. The river runs nicely into the sea. The tap water tak sangkut bila buka air nak basuh pinggan. Sarcasm flows from your mouth into the hearts of like-minded friends and appreciated (insert deep sigh here).

Dukha would be when the everything just gets stuck. Like Rawang to KL on a rainy weekday morning, like niat you nak buat kerja hari weekend and basically your friends bila nak bayar hutang.

Not sure where premature ejaculation is. I am sure it's on the Sukha part. Flows too fast right?

The last few months things haven't really went smoothly. There's a sense of you being stuck at the eye of the storm. Nothing *really* bad happening yet but you just know you're in a bad place. Lately the eye of the storm closed and you're suddenly feeling the whole whirlwind of whatnots coming from whereevers and from whoevens.

You just remember what you (in sagely tone) keep telling people when they're in this situation

Don't worry, bruh. This too shall pass.

Baik... sis cuba.So we do what we can... shields up, heads down and keep a hold on that belief that no matter how hard things are, it follows by good things.

Macam buat permohonan nak kawin kat Selangor. It'll send you to a whole bunch of "oh i forgot to mention" things like, borang saringan HIV yang kitaorang mentioned boleh didapati kat klinik kesihatan tu... actually ada kat klinik kesihatan selangor. Kalau u pegi tempat lain dia suruh you download and print out. And then you balik rumah google2, baru tau takde download link sebenarnya sebab memang kena beli kat klinik kesihatan di selangor sahaja.

Pastu bila dah selesai isi borang and nak hantar for approval, baru tau one of the pegawai nak approve tu tak ada kat pejabat agama but, depending which part of selangor you are, opis diorang kat masjid area you.

And website register kahwin ni cam haram. Kalau you can opt for register kawin kat JPN macam your non-muslims friends, go for that one. Seriously.

Okay I dah meroyan ni (but u like it when I do kan). So where were we....

Yes... lepas susah2 register semua ni then senang2 la skit kan. Dah boleh kawin, beranak pinak (terms and condition applies) and try not to mess up.

So there. Dukha Sukha. There are times you're up there. There are times you're down... with me.

Enjoy the company.

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