Sunday, April 7, 2019

Parenting Tip

I was on the sofa when my 11 year old sat beside me and with his usual tone went "So Dad, when are you going to teach me how to raise my kids".

Did I go to far in my meditation and ended up in a different dimension?

"Did you have kids in UK that I didn't know about?", I asked after my thinking the default answer of I'm the last person you want to ask that. would give him another salvo to use on me like the last time (another story, hilarious but some other day okay?).

I continued telling him it's too early for that. The lessons you tell are the ones you pick up in life as you grow. It will be a different time, a different world for you and them.

Look at your parents and take the good parts. Leave out the bad parts. As parents pun we pray our kids to be safe from our shortcomings.

"I'll carry my kid on my back when we go down the stairs"

Sure kid, start with that.


  1. Hello there old friend..How are you?..Seems like aeons ago did we communicate via blogspots comments, and now your are giving parenting advice😁..Time sure flies.

  2. i just noticed the unpublished comments. accidentally turned off the notifications. hehe.

    glad you're still around!


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