Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mobility First

I train and coach government servants nowadays. The company sends me to this or that agency and I think this is cool because I kinda get to see the different cultures at work.

There's a bunch of stuffs you just would never see in private offices.

I was doing training once and there's this annoying phone that kept vibrating in class. I do wonder which phone that had such a long vibrate pulse but didn't think much of it. I didn't know who's phone it was but I guess it was their boss phone since I'm sure if I was the boss I would have the owner to silent it.

I guessed right when she asked me a question and I was side by side with her in front of her laptop answering her question. The buzz was there but I couldn't see the phone. Then it hit me! Not a phone. It must be one of those health thingabobs. Mobile organ cleansing or anything.

The day after that I found out what it really was. The boss was actually pumping her milk. It's one of those mobile breast pumps and she had her boobs sucked not 2 metres away from me. Eh halo!

----------------------- appropriate -----------------------------------

See, you've crossed the appropriate line right there. Cannot lar like that, hakak! Go pump la, nanti my aura and teachings go into the milk and then your kid bila besar jadi like me. nak ke camtu. tak nak kan? haa go pump kat surau.

At another place I was doing coaching (basically I sit at a place and wait for someone to ask me a question), the peeps were talking about parenting and raising kids for success.

I caught "... to be successful like Dato Alif Syukri, *mumble mumble more names* and Sajat". I wouldn't agree, in the context of raising successful kids, put any of those names under success stories. You'd love to think your kids being rich, driving nice car, bring you to 5 star umrah bilik sebelah jam atas tower tu so you can selfie lawa2 with kaabah kat background... but do you really want your kids to drama2 ala Dato Alif or sell products in the bathroom berkemban?

Success ke tu?

The worst thing I think about guvmen work is how you can get glued to a place/situation. Boss has anger psycho-bodo-issues? Tough luck. Go get the same pills your boss is on.

That's really unhealthy and there's almost nothing you can do about it because usually you guys cakap belakang depan setujuuuu belaka.

Well that's some of it. I'm happy with my current work for now. I get to observe, solve problems without getting tied to it and get to know lots of people. I probably will get bored after awhile but does feel good to stick awhile.

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