Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Long Sense

The title would be what google translate gave me when I keyed in 'panjang akal'. I don't know why someone suggested 'akal' to be 'sense'. Never used the word that way. I keep it to mean intelligence.

In the Malay meaning someone who is an intellectual and smart.

Because of the word panjang, which translates as long and also used to call our tall friends, it gave me the feel that we describe people with panjang akal because we acknowledge that to be smart and intellectual does not necessarily mean from talent or that you're born smart.

You just had it in you to actually ponder a bit longer, get bigger picture and listened more before you opened that big flappin mouth of yours (read: ours).

Sadly panjang tangan does not mean knowing the ways of kama sutra.

This came up in this post today because I was thinking about my coachees (yes this is an actual valid word!) from one government agency. They're basically a team of short term contractors who basically get their wage calculated by days. They're not really part of the govmen. Paid really cheap and workload at the same level as longer terms contractors or permanents. Can't say they get much of the guvmen benefits too.

Some guvmen building in Putrajaya got really horrible parking issues. The initial plan was to get as many people into the park and ride bandwagon as possible. Lately things got worst I guess because they have decide to not let these short term contractors to use staff parking anymore. So they have to either start using public transport or go for the 8 ringgit per day parking space.

Kesian. Their wage just got cheaper.

How does this relate to the title? Because I think if we put in a little bit more thoughts here, I am sure everyone agrees that first come first serve is a better solution. The days you can manage to get parking for yourself, you save 8 ringgit. The days you can't, you have to fork out 8 bucks. At least it is not set at rm 160 per month pay cut.

If you're a perm and really can't afford a rm 160 pay cut, you'd have to make some changes like come to work earlier. If you think that's too much of a hassle then I, as your PM, would shrug and tell you to pay for the convenience.

Yes I know it's complicated, gotta send kids to school, live further away, sometimes work have me go here and there before coming to the office and all... but what about these little guys who has the same problem, working with less perks and crazy cheap wage?

I don't know. I never consider myself having a Long Sense except when it comes to doing stuffs I'm not supposed to do. I just felt they can do better than "oh they're not really our team, let's take that away from them" because the reason you guys let them in the first place is that you guys told them (or yourselves) that they are part of the family.

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