Thursday, August 8, 2019

Silent Voices

One of our primary school teachers ended up to be a sexual predator. Preying on school kids and the like. The thing is, nobody noticed until wayyyyy later. Like getting caught after he's retired later.

How many years of damage? How many lives? Who's child?

There are very disturbed minds working handling our kids. My kid got this messed up teacher who asks if he rapes his mom. Tells him that she prays his mom gets sicker. I found that out two weeks before she retired. I asked my son, who else heard what she said.

"Well there's my friend X.", said the Boy.

"Is he lucid? How sick is he?", I asked. You see, my boy is in special class. So it's a legit question. Unfortunately he said none of his friends could probably remember the incident.

The things the teacher said... I don't believe any kid could make that up.


What breeds these messed up minds, what got them handling our kids and what system that have no idea what state of mind their people are over time.

I've been ruminating about this for a long time and when these things happened a tsunami of thoughts crashes the focus on the issue at hand. She's a demon but I want to know the walls that let the demons in and mingle with the kids for so long. Where are the gatekeepers.

Stuff like that.

and anywayssss.

Gila rasa helpless sometimes.

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