Friday, September 13, 2019


I tell people that if I swear in Ganuspeak, that would mean whatever it is, it really got me deep. Honestly I don't think I can swear in Ganuspeak for the same reason Jedi doesn't like blasters.

I think of all caruts, Ganu is pretty hardcore. Of all the Malay clans, I don't think anybody else can get m******f**k*r translated. Ganu has one: BahangBurikMok. That's as m******f**k*rly as any m******f**k*rs you can get. That is how well we caruts.

Not sure if this is something to be proud of but there it is... we ganu certainly ate enough fishes to get naturally connected braincells and produce creative caruts for everyday primary and secondary school use.

We're the Samuel L. Jackson of the Golden Chersonese.

That's pretty hardcore for an race whom the british colonials dubbed nature's gentlemen.

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