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Getting free stuffs and cringing

Trigger for this post: Let's make a wallet but...

Dad gave me a new one. So I shouldn't make a wallet because I am obliged to use the gifted wallet, right? Giving gift isn't just about making someone happy. The one giving is also hoping the recipient to like it. If you like it, you'd use it. If you don't like it then you have to weight between risking the giver liking you less, or you like the giver more than your fashion (read: whatever) sense.

Speaking of which, my dad bought me a gal's shirt for raya once and I wore it. He didn't know it was for gals and I wore it because I'm loyal like that. Naaaaaah. Actually I didn't know too until some uncle pointed it out and his three daughters wore it (ok I made this part up for laugh). "Doh bakpe pakai baju puang" is enough for laughs and me to remember 30+ years after.

Yes I'm not thankful, am I.

I don't know what is it about me that looks at a gift and go "is this useful?" instead of "this person went through all the trouble to get me this". I remember a religious quote and hopefully I am able to live this one better:

"Be thankful and happy even for a drop of water in a pouring rain."

Of course this quote was meant for us to be thankful for what God gives you even it seems trivial, seemingly useless and doesn't make sense. We don't have the full map of where we're heading in life so trust the One who knows, yes?

On a rather flip side, how many times did we buy something we thought we needed but end up finding out not really needing it right?

Anyways... I thanked Dad for the wallet. Everything moved from my leather Fossil wallet to this new one. We'll grow to like stuffs after a while. Am sure will like this one too.