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Blogging in 2022

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Oh hey. I've been trying a few times to start writting again. It isn't easy. Oh you know how it is... you write it down and jussst as you want to submit that post... you ask yourself can you do this regularly?

Most of the time this is enough for me to delete whatever I wrote but now it's different. I'm just going to write.

Coz I'm TD and TD writes therefore he is awesome.

I'm moving out of blogger for no other reason than being macho and DIY the heck everything. Luckily hosting is still free and it's just the domain name (which i pay every year anyways). Other than that it's just my time.

Feedbacks (aka comments) is probably going to be a bit tricky. You guys are just going to have to mail me what you think and i'll put it up on the blog manually somehow. hahaha. Later la bagi email. Awal2 ni you guys sure cakap "write la, we'ols janji baca". Then I write long lenghty stuffs I get one view: me. or two views: me refreshing the page.

So hey. Do take care. Catch you in a bit.