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Dotted Doctor

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I handle websites nowadays. Peers would call me the webmaster. Despite having 'master' in the name, the work can be done by a freshgrad. Doesn't take much skills to do a proper job though an artistic eye could go a long way.

That I don't have. I do have the technical know-how but not the where-to-put-this-bloody-thing-so-it-looks-pretty how. Luckily I am not planning to stay in this line for more than a lifetime.

My boss is in communications. Not the comm techy dude who climbs high towers to put in a huge pan so that you can have decent internet connection. He's the other guy. The guy to talk to if you want to say something properly with good grammar, pronounciation and style. Something bloody Mary Poppins would nod to.

Back to me.

He called me up to his office to make changes to some things in the site. Make a sentence shorter. Fix that, this or those. Then it came to putting a dot after 'Dr'. The correct english way, he said then, is without the dot. But I am not sure if it is american or Slovakian that we must put in the dot there. But the whole site is filled with dots after 'Dr' and england english or kelantanese, we gotta be consistent.

So I put in a dot and the title which was on one line, became two lines. Boss doesn't like two lines or scrolling. So with a hmmm he said... lets take it off. And with another hmmm he said "but we should remove all the dots after 'Dr' in other parts of the website now".and then he continued with a "Someone's going to come to the site and point out 'Oh look you have dot here but not there!'"

At this I was frowning intensely with my radiant inner-face and half my sugar level dropped as I try to maintain my not-to-annoyed zombie face. It is very hard to imagine anybody with a capital ANYBODY going to any website and scrutinize anything at that level.Holy shit i'm not on earth.

"Oh let's just leave it there. Let's make it our little secret", with a face like we accidentally broke the neighbour's window when he's not around.

Post cover photo by Emin Baycan