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Glass to the heart

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We had this systems engineer in the old days. I rarely see him because he was in Melaka and I was in KL. One day we heard he was taking medical leave and I asked a colleague what happened.

"Boss said he was getting a surgery. Mentioned h has a small piece of glass in his hand from a childhood which could risk getting into the bloodstream, heart and kills him. Crazy"

Whoa. Wondering if there's wood splinter from my great grandma's house that is still in my body and could end up piercing my vampire heart.

We hope he was okay and did work.

Less than a week later he was back to work and we asked how he was since it sounded serious. He said it wasn't serious. The glass caused a small acne-like bump on palm of his hand and they just kinda like pricked it out.

I rolled eyes. I swear my exboss has infused marketing into his very soul. Crazy exaggeration built in the bloodstream.

Post cover photo by National Cancer Institute