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Hope for the country 2023 and beyond

What I want to see coming up soon

Safer Net

I think Malaysian Police are still spread thin to handle the crazy things happening in the net nowadays. Telegram used to sell weed (pretty smart buggers), sex service going online (and as online goes, not shy targetting kids) and of course the usual scams we hear every day.

Do we have good enough law to handle these? Do we have the people? I don't know. It feels like nothing is being done yet in this regard.


What choice do you have for your kid's education. Private or public. Homeschooling isn't quite legal i think. Private is too expensive for most, public is overwhelmed (Cyberjaya primary school, I read from the local chat, had 300 applicants on waiting list or rejected for 2023).

Allow homeschooling. Let parents pool resources and hire private teachers to teach kids at home. This is the solution for M20 which would take a lot weight off public school. Most M20 are comfortable but don't have enough to afford private school.

Textbooks! We don't need kids carrying those heavy stuff. Allow use of ebooks. E-Ink kind. Friendly on the eye and doesn't give the this-is-the-fun-socmed-device feel. At least as an option. One might say this is not something for the B20s but neither was going online. So for the B20s and anybody who prefer a book, keep textbooks around but keep it at school. Push for notes which tend to be more compact and lighter to carry around.

Simpler silibus. Yes please. Keep university stuffs in universities.


We're going to see some divide in our society: those who spend too much screen time and those that didn't have enough. Something needs to glue them together. Maybe more liberal arts courses.


Long term... Pedestrian friendly town. Build places where you can walk anywhere. Yes it's hot here but come on, let walking be an option instead of having to move your 1 tonne car just go buy a 2kg sugar packet.

Major river clean up. Like crazy major. Please.


Let's get government people to be more healthy. Why am I aiming government peeps is because there're everywhere and there's just so many of them. Now if you change their culture, you're going to effect the general culture as well.

In the very least: Damn... sado. keje gomen eh? Pakcik ada anak single mingle sorang.


Malaysian definitely should be made to blog more. Senang nak stalk kawan2 and rivals camtu.