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Happy Chinese New Year!

and thank you for the long holiday.

So I had to design (not one of my stronger points) a greetings to put on the website's front page. If I were looking for trouble, I'd point out that we didn't do anything for Thaipussam and almost all of our students were from India. We just skipped that and went 'Oh hey, we need to wish everyone chinese new year!'.

It's the year of the monkey so i drew this cute guy down here:

cute monkey it took me 7 bloody circles to make this monkey. SEVEN!! add one more circle and you can summon a bloody demon u can!

Sent it to the boss and he said, "we're a professional institute. no cartoons. Find a real monkey. Just google and see what other places are doing.". So he googled for me and got something similar to this:

cute monkey see what other professionals are doing. no monkey business.

Luckily I was well prepared for this and managed to keep myself from rolling my eyes and 'pfft'. See I can be polite.

Despite his 'suggestion' to use real monkeys, I decided to go for one of those not so cartoony but serious looking logo-seal kinda monkey which luckily wikipedia has:

cute monkey

That's a real cool monkey, I thought. I put it in the design and emailed it to my boss.

"That doesn't look like a monkey".

I still manage to contain the explosive 'WUT?!' in my mind and gave a poker face. I did, however, inhaled very, very deeply.

So he googled chinese new year monkey again, scrolled through the images and had me steal this cute lil' monkey down here to be used for our greetings.

cute monkey astaga

i know right.

So Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Post cover photo by Google Result