Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ex CEO

I was thinking (i occasionally do), when someone says he has respect for someone it should also mean he would help protect the sanctity of the person. If someone's starts to backbite a person you respect, either step up in his/her defense or hold your tongue. Do not join in the crowd and add more spices.

So I wont say I respect my boss in whole. I respect some part of him. So I say watever to one part of him while at the same time tell without lying "I have some respect for the guy".

Nak buat jahat, otak spin macam2 la kan.

My boss occasionaly brags about his past glories. The difference between this guy and my last similar colored boss is that the last one tells a lesson-learned and you concluded he was pretty awesome when he had hairs.

This one... well this one tells you first he was a CEO of a 2000 strong company and giving you a 'who is s/he to tell me what to do' kinda feel.

Long intro, sorry. Now to the rather short story.

One day the real CEO of my company reminded him that for any service or stuff, get at least three quotations to sign on. Standard practice anywhere, I think. I never done it myself but I once worked in a company who sent his quotation to help another company get projects. Another common practice though this one didn't make it to the text books.

Thus it was in a meeting with a vendor that my boss, ex-CEO of 2000 strong company, tells the vendor: "For this item here, send me three quotations. Price the stuff at rm300, rm250 and rm200".

My understandin of why the other directors quotes the 'ex-CEO' with a pfft, has deepen a level.