Thursday, October 10, 2019


today i finished conducting a 4 days training and so far the feedbacks were good. complaints were about having not enough time and no notes. It was good but tiring.

So after dinner I did yoga on the sofa... sofalandingistana.. and has kept this position since 20 minutes ago. I'm sure if anybody took a photo and showed it to friends they'd think it was photoshopped. How can i twist like that.

i browsed the news and then checked messages in telegram groups. and then i looked at the photo of my kids. old photo, they were having lunch somewhere and both smiling to their ears. i too smiled looking at the picture.  All warm and fuzzy inside looking at those smile.

then i stopped smiling. suddenly afraid that if i loved too much, they'd be made a test for me.

what kind of a world it would be, when they are taken away from me?