A(nother) Cup of Pulled Tea.

From the highest branch?

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I like self help books. Even if not applying the stuffs there, knowing the methods, concepts and all gives a feeling of hope. There's so many ways to get better

And for a muslim, despair is haram

One of the things I learn about giving your best is doing it even when things are really, really bad. There was a story of a man who was sentenced to death by hanging. When the sentence was passed he said he only had one request: Hang me from the highest branch.

Even at the bleakest of times, we make the best of it. That's the only control we have, right? We can chose how we react to it, when to get back up and where to go after that.

I could chose to be angry at a wrong or remember it turned out alright in the end. I can chose to feel bad at being wrong or forgive myself and take what I can from it

What's the worst that could happen? I did try for the highest branch.

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