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Undead Knight

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Figured might as well use my blog as a dream journal as well.

It was in a medieval/fantasy setting. I was in a knight order and in this world we fought both living and undead.

I was close to around 5 or 6 of my battle brothers and we had each other's loyalty. We didn't always fight together because in the dream I was mostly in the castle when they were out fighting. I wasn't idle as well. Often the castle itself gets infiltrated by monsters or undead and I would hunt them down with a patrol.

We found zombie-vampire like creatures (hah!). Zombie because instead of blood, these eat flesh. They weren't rotting or anything. It was the first of it's kind that we've seen. They still had humanity but it was just also evil. We fought and and killed except one. I can't remember if it is because it was too strong or we wanted to study it but we managed to imprison it in a room.

When my other gang got back, the castle was attacked and we were losing. In desperation to survive and I think we decided to get infected by the zombie-vampire. The 5 of us infected ourselves and in doing so we knew we were all condemned. We became what we fought against but we wanted to stay alive. We killed the creature and with our new vampire-abilities we survived the attack.

We were still ourselves. We darker need but we healed any injury and had abilities. We survived and still joined back our order for a time.

We were also immortal it seems so we left the Order after awhile. People would certainly notice we weren't aging. We helped the Order as time goes by but in ways to keep our identities secret. We stayed together through these times though.

Food wasn't a problem. We were in an internal war and people die. It took a long time for me to shake off the guilt of having to kill fellow men sometimes.

Everything was going well even the war. We pushed backed instead of always in the defensive. We even have a city now. We were okay until one of us betrayed and told the Order about us. They set up an ambush and three of us got killed. I managed to survive the ambush by betting on the healing ability and setting off a bomb nearby. Blew half my body away but threw me far enough to safety.

Healing wasn't fast and I really didn't know if I would survive but I laid there waiting and considering what will I do after.

This is when I woke up.

Post cover photo by ZHENYU LUO